Data Illusion is very happy to announce the introduction of ngSurvey! ngSurvey has been re-developed from ground up to make it even easier to create surveys and forms to collect data from any kind of platform, developed with full extensibility in mind ngSurvey lets you fully customize your forms for your business needs and collect the data you need.

If you are running under FeedbackServer dont worry! You may still log into your legacy account to download licenses, get support or run your FeedbackServer surveys using following link: Feedback Server Login. We will of course continue to provide critcal fixes for Feedback Server to all our customers having up to date maintenance plans with us. For upgrade procedures from FeedbackServer to ngSurvey please contact us.
simple yet powerful surveys
Design beautiful surveys and forms
Using our easy to use designer create your surveys and forms in just a few minutes. Create any kind of surveys from basic forms to most advanced multi-language forms with advanced skip logic rules.

Run your surveys on any platforms
Target your surveys against any device from desktop to mobile and host your surveys in our managed cloud or deploy them on-premise into your Microsoft's Azure plan or dedicated Windows Server using .NET Core for complete privacy of data.
Developer friendly and open source licenses
ngSurvey offers a rich .net core based REST api to connect all your survey data to your existing application. We also offer source code licensing to let your customize the Angular code of ngSurvey for the compagnies that requires a high level of customization.

Try ngSurvey for free.
Creating a survey has never been that easy.
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